Dolphin watching from Ferragudo

Dolphin watching from Ferragudo

Clean & Safe

Are you ready to go dolphin watching from Ferragudo?If you’re spending your holidays in the Algarve, you’ve probably already heard of the dolphin watching boat tours. This dolphin watching from Ferragudo is an emotive anthem to marine wildlife. Dolphin watching from Ferragudo is not only searching and observing these fascinating marine mammals. A marine biologist will come on board on this dolphin watching from Ferragudo to give you a deeper insight about the species you’ll spot and their behavior. 

The boat tour with dolphin watching from Ferragudo starts at the dolphin watching center in Ferragudo. From Ferragudo, aboard on our super safe and fast boat, we’ll navigate to the natural habitats of feeding for dolphins in the Algarve. There are several spots around Ferragudo where it’s frequent to observe common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and other marine life.

The dolphin watching from Ferragudo trip takes approximately one hour and a half.  Sighting is guaranteed. If we have tough luck and do not succeed to find cetaceans on your trip, you can book another trip at no cost. Of course, we will do all we can to find the dolphins, but as they are wild animals and we cannot guarantee a 100%. Usually, we see dolphins on 95% of our trips.

To remember this experience back home later, we will make a video with underwater footage! After the trip, at the dolphin watching center, will provide you the chance to enjoy a cup of tea, a chat with the skippers and a peek on the raw footage recorded during the trip.

Enjoy the view over the amazing coastline from a unique perspective;

Extremely high chance of spotting wild dolphins with the experienced crew;

Search for and observe wild dolphins and other marine life in their natural habitat;

Smart, young and skilled staff, willing to provide you an unforgettable experience;

This experience is always a true adventure as you never know which species you’re going to find;

Detailed tour operator information, including local phone number and exact address, is included in your confirmation email;

Please check-in 20 minutes before the start of the experience;

This experience does not include food and drinks so feel free to bring your own;

To place your booking request, a full upfront payment is required.

We recommend bringing sunscreen, swimming gear, a hat and a towel;

The dolphin watching tour will be accompanied by a marine expert who can tell you all the secrets about the animals and other life in the sea;

A safety briefing by a multilingual guide, insurance and life-jackets are included;