Flyboard Vilamoura Experience

Flyboard Vilamoura

Feel weightless as you walk on water on our flyboard in the algarve experience!

Fly like a bird and swim like a dolphin all in one experience with a flyboard! With water-jets strapped to your feet, get ready an amazing experience like no other!

Your Flyboard in the Algarve experience will start with a safety briefing and instructions. Following this you’ll get geared up and fly solo on a jet pack always with an experienced instructor guiding you along the way!

Feel weightless as you walk on water! Reach high speed adrenalin rush with a Flyboard! Flyboarding has taken the world by storm: part iron-man, part dolphin, this crazy and exciting new extreme water sport allows jet propulsion above and below the waters surface. Strap yourself in and brace yourself for the freedom of flight! Unleash your inner hero!

The sky is truly the limit with the Flyboard experience!