Half day on a luxury yacht in Lagos

Half day on a luxury yacht in Lagos

Clean & Safe

This half day yacht cruise will take you to discover the coast of Lagos and give you the chance to ask your dearest if she wants to marry you. Get aboard on our luxury yacht offering you the best luxurious sunset cruise and amazing views over the Ponta da Piedade.We are certain everyone will enjoy the scenery whilst relaxing. This luxurious sunset cruise departs from the Marina de Lagos and will cruise along the coastline of Lagos. During the half day cruise on this luxury yacht, we will take you to enjoy the amazing views over the amazing caves and coastline whilst enjoying an unforgettable day. This tour will take about 2 hours. Nibbles and drinks will be served.Our luxury can take up to 10 people. We have place in the sun or in the shade and a toilet on board to provide great comfort! 
Convince your group of friends and/or family and let’s enjoy this half day cruise on a luxury yacht in Lagos!

Feel like the owner of a luxury yacht by booking this yacht exclusively;

Get your cameras out, because the famous caves will provide for some great snapshots;

We provide some snorkeling equipment so you can discover the underwater world if you want;

Let your private skipper take you to the most amazing secret spots in the area;

After booking, we will contact you about the exact location and time, because this depends on the conditions;

Please check-in 20 minutes before the start of the experience;

We recommend bringing sunscreen, swimming gear, a hat and a towel;

A local captain will give you onboard commentary about the sights;

On board, you’ll have access to free Wi-Fi to immediately share some impressive pictures;

If you feel like a refreshment, take a dive into the crystal-clear ocean;

We’ll serve some drinks and snacks and feel free to bring your own as well;