Jeep Safari, Parque da Mina & Zoo Lagos Tour

Zoo Lagos

Jeep safari to some of the most interesting places in the Algarve. Follow dirt tracks to places where you can see old traditions and customs. Breathe the pure air rich with scents of local herbs and plants admire the spectacular views.

Visit ‘Parque da Mina’, (entrance fee included) a theme park where you can see a house dating back to the 18th century, that still has the typical furniture of that period, copper and iron mine and a recreation of an ‘medronho’ distillery.

The next stop is in Lagos at the Zoo (entrance fee included) with over 120 different animal and 200 botanical species. The zoo is home of primates, lemurs, wallabies, lynxes, reptiles and tropical birds.

Operating day(s): Sunday.
*from 2017-04-01 to 2017-10-31