Kitesurfing in Lagos

Kitesurfing in Lagos

Are you ready to go kitesurfing in Lagos?Kitesurf in Lagos is a great way to keep in shape during your holidays, try a new exciting sport and enjoy the stunning coastline. Kitesurfing is a sport that mixes the best of surfing and kiting. Kitesurfing consists on moving over the water, on a board and pulled by a kite, instead of a sail like in the case of windsurfing.

If you’re on holidays in the Algarve and like board sports, try kitesurfing in Lagos! Try the sun on your skin, the salty spray in your face, the feeling of becoming one with the wind, racing over the water while being surrounded by an impressive nature scenery. Kitesurf in Lagos is absolutely amazing.

To get going, we recommend you to take professional lessons for at least three to five days. We’ve got several courses and pricing packs, from 3 hours to 15 hours. The more hours you take, the more you’ll learn and love kitesurf in Lagos.

The one day trial for kitesurfing in Lagos takes three hours. This kitesurfing in Lagos is a super fun experience for everyone who wants a first-hand try of kitesurfing. During this trial, you will experiencing the body drag. The body drag is a maneuver where you are being pulled by the kite in the water. Once you feel this pull you will know if kitesurfing is something for you or not. In these three hours kitesurfing you’ll get a short theory intro, learn about safety systems, equipment set up, launching and landing. In practice, you’ll learn piloting a small kite on the beach. You’ll also have some time for practising with a bigger inflatable kite in the water and feel the power of body dragging.
The 7 hour kitesurfing course in Lagos aims at getting you up and moving on your board. In this kitesurfing course in Lagos, you’ll be introduced to the the basic principles of kitesurfing. Besides the program of the 3 hour course, you’ll do some water relaunch, self rescue, waterstart and first riding attempt.
The 10 hour kitesurfing course in Lagos has the goal of getting you up and riding on your board, and to learn how to go upwind. In addition to the 7 hour course, this program includes riding with control.
The most comprehensive kitesurfing course in Lagos (15 hours) aims to give you complete knowledge of how to get into and out of the water comfortably and securely. In addition to the 10 hour course, this complete kitesurfing course in Lagos includes riding upwind and downwind.  
Our kitesurfing lessons are held in the buddy system which means 2 people on 1 Kite and you can be certified with a VDWS kiteboarding license card. After taking your course, we recommend to keep practising under the supervision of a kiteschool to have a rescue service available if needed. Book your kitesurfing in Lagos now and soon you will be able to fly your board across the oceans safely and with control.
Highlights:Prices start at 120€ for a three-hour course. If you want more, let us know. We’ve got special packs: 7 hours – 215€, 10 hours – 285€ and 15 hours – 415€;If you have already done a beginners course and/or are ready to make further progress we will set up your course accordingly. We can do a one on one session for advanced kiters (70€ per hour);For kitesurfing in Lagos, we use brand new 2016 equipment from North Kiteboarding; Our instructors speak German, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French; We can go to a perfect flat water lagoon, ideal for learning kitesurfing in Lagos as it’s very safe and shallow;As long as your body weight is at least 45 kg, no one is too young or old for this activity (we accept students from 14 years old).The kiteschool is a VDWS certified kiteschool;In the region of Lagos, you’ll find very consistent wind conditions for kitesurfing in the Algarve;Our friendly staff know all the secrets of kitesurfing in Lagos and will teach you personal tricks!  Don’t forget:Bring sunscreen, swimming gear and a towel;Includes experienced instructors, all equipment + wetsuit;Includes pick-up and drop off in the Burgau / Praia da Luz / Lagos area, so please share your location;Food and drinks are not included, feel free to bring your own or grab something at the local restaurant;Check-in should be done at the location provided on your ticket 20 minutes before departure (except for pick-ups);Detailed operator information, including local telephone numbers and addresses, are included on your confirmation email.